Monday, June 19, 2006

Percee-P "Nowhere Near Simple" (1996)

NYC rapper Percee-P achieved legendary status in the underground throughout the 90's, as he never put out an album, but dropped a few 12", recorded unreleased cuts with Lord Finesse, and made numerous guest appearances. All of this material wasn't widely available, adding to his underground status. My introduction to him was in 1996 via this 12" on Vmax:

The B-side "Don't Cum Strapped" wins here, featuring a dope rolling bassline and a classic Jeru sample ("Leave your nine's at home, and bring your skills to the battle"). Percee-P rips this track; he doesn't have the signature punchlines of a Chino XL, but not too many MC's can match his flow. Included (for the completists) is the A-side "Nowhere Near Simple", and the instrumental to "Don't Cum Strapped".


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