Friday, June 16, 2006

L'Roneous da Versifier "L'chemy" (1997)

" your the Next School." I was introduced to L'Roneous in Boulder, Colorado; it seems like the farther West you go, the bigger his rep. "L'chemy" is the first single off his first album (he now has several), and is firmly rooted in Golden-age asthetics.

The piano loop rolls for a few bars as L'Roneous introduces his subject matter: "A course in lyrical stylings...known as L'chemy." L drops lyrics worthy of dissection, but creative/abstract enough to conform to his shifting delivery:

Now class I pass the vapors, along with the syllabus
And the context of my course - next to the next - is wordsound language
Verbatim simulations crazy trace the field notions
Concocting elemental variums of dopeness

The track is a bit uptempo; L's delivery isn't exactly rushed, but the combination of the content and his delivery overwhelm you by the end of each verse. Like a good teacher, he pauses for a bar after each verse, before giving a brief summary:

"An instruction in rhyme...known as L'chemy."

The track clocks in at two verses, but it's a good decision, considering their density. It leans on a niice piano loop and midtempo break through the verses, but drops a strong horn over the choruses; the lack of a third verse allows an extended instrumental outro, featuring another ill horn loop. Enjoy this one over and over again; includes instrumental.

[UPDATE, 7/12, 10pm: Re-archived, re-upped files]


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"This Dj concerto, in four parts, takes you on a journey into sound denoting the best part of hip hop, the soul of the music. "The Little Green Tape" is perfect to vibe out to. Repeat is a must."

- L*Roneous

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