Friday, June 23, 2006

Voodu "One Life to Live" (1996)

Everyone was talking about Rass Kass in '96. Forget about vinyl; dubs of dubs of "Remain Anonymous" and "Jack Frost" were being passed around (and sold) by anyone who could get their hands on them. Western Hemisfear, consisting of Rass Kass, Voodu, and Meen Green (correct me if I'm missing someone) was the dopest crew nobody had the Midwest, at least, their shit was crazy hard to find. Around this time, Rass Kass got signed to Priority, and a lethal rift opened between Rass Kass and Western Hemisfear (again, anyone who knows the details feel free to share)...the Voodu 12" "One Life to Live" showed up in the midst of this, demonstrating what Voodu and Meen Green were capable of.

This 12" is all about the B-side, "2 Deadly Sins" featuring Meen Green. This joint is just hard as hell; the dark, haunting sample is perfectly offset by the sparse kick and snare. A Mobb Deep sample serves as the hook ("your crew is featherweight/my gunshots'll make you levitate")...damn, people LOVED "Shook Ones".

Voodu and Mean Green bring lyrics; they play off each other so well that you don't even notice that the mic has been passed sometimes. It's straight battle rap, but the lyrics are wicked:

When we begin - welcome to oblivion
I control Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind
Evil evangelist, I represent Hell
A cross-breed between god and guillotine
My vocal chords is samurai swords
Can't blaspheme against the god of war
My mental capacity causes catastrophe
Breaking you down to your cytoplasm and atoms
You can't fathom...

Like the great MC's, Voodu's lyrics on a page don't do his aggression and crucial delivery justice. Enjoy this cut with some good headphones or a nice system. Includes the A-side "One Life to Live" and the instrumental and acapella for "2 Deadly Sins".

BTW: If anyone has any links to other Vooodu joints, let me know...

[UPDATE, 7/10, 10pm: Re-upped, re-archived file. Western Hemisfear also included Bird on production...see Ras Kass' "Won't Catch Me Runnin"]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for this man.

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Anonymous Marv Melody said...

yo funny you brought this up man, made a remix of two deadly sins with my man salvador like 8 years ago on my fasttracker II. The sound is kinda old, but here it is..classic bob james sample.

keep it up!

Messy, Norway.

9:58 AM  
Blogger djespionage said...

thx, enjoyed it...much chiller, you can't go wrong with bob james.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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