Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mop Top "I'm Alright" (1996)

I think back to when I used to have to fight for the right
To bless the mic and rock shit all night, but now it's all right
Because my fate is predestined, so when I'm in the session
Do I tear the frame out the mic? ...No question.

Completely random, this Mop Top B-side is a good find. NYC-based (Nine appears in a forgettable posse cut on the A-side), Mop Top self-produces this bouncy, straight hip hop joint.

A simple bassline keeps things bouncing, while the chanted chorus gets embellished by music-boxy chimes. The MC that rocks the first and third verse had me thinking of El Da Sensei (of Artifacts) for some reason, which is a good thing. Shit will have you nodding your head immediately, and by the second listen, you'll be chanting along with the chorus...crazy addictive.

They say I'm out my mind, so I must be out of sight
'Cause when I start to rhyme, you know my styles gotta be tight
But n*ggas wasn't always checking for me on the mic
But don't you worry, son (I'm alright)

Includes instrumental.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks man, this is hot

11:42 AM  
Blogger apani said...

Thanks for this joint!

7:50 PM  

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