Friday, June 23, 2006

...on the occasion of South Korea's exit from World Cup play...

Having lived in South Korea, I heard some dope Korean hip hop, and wanted to drop a quick post in an attempt to pass some on. If I had to recommend anything as an intro, I'd start with MC Sniper's "한국인" (literally, "Korean people"), the video for which follows:

Don't worry about digesting lyrics; this video showcases the best Korean hip-hop has to offer. MC Sniper samples/uses native instruments - the MC Serch sample notwithstanding - the main sample is from a "gayageum", a stringed instrument you play on the floor. Sniper takes you on a virtual tour through South Korea, hitting the major cities, palaces, markets and most definately the temples. The shit makes me proud, and I'm not even Korean.

If you dig this shit at all, grab the following collection of MP3's, 8 of the best of what I've collected from Korea:
(link dead)
* MC Sniper "한국인" ("han-guk een": Korean people)
* Leesang "Spain", "Fly High", "출사표"("chul-sa-pyo": literally 'career-ticket' but i'll ask a Korean friend for a better translation)
* 가리온(aka Garion) "옛이야기" ("yeh-shi-ya-gi": legend)
* CB Mass "동네한바퀴"("dong-nay-han-ba-kwee": around my way)
* Dynamic Duo "이력서" ("ee-yuck-suh": personal history)
* Keepin Roots "Sugar & Prim"

Back with another 12" tomorrow.

[UPDATE (6/23, 7pm): Added some translations]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx a lot, all i kno is US and a lil french rap, nice to hear sum different s***

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you post the equivalents to the artist's name and to the titles in English, so I can tag the MP3s correctly please ? ^^

4:09 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

no worries, hope the update helped...thought the MP3's were already tagged

5:19 PM  
Anonymous 9@home said...

If anyone's interested, I have three albums by "Drunken Tiger", a Korean crew that raps in both Korean and English. It's actually pretty good. Hit me up on my blog...

7:25 AM  
Blogger djespionage said...

thx, Drunken Tiger has good shit no doubt

8:54 AM  

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