Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tony Da Skitzo "Who U Talkin' 2" (1996)

West-coaster Tony Da Skitzo is f*cking insane. Not in the theatrical Gravediggaz/horrorcore sense; nor in the celebratory Cypress Hill sense; more like the Kool Keith "there are no boundaries/f*ck traditional logic" sense. If that makes sense. I tend to not be a fan of music that leans on shock value, but this is one record that has consistently grown on me since I first heard it.

The production on this 12" is an acquired taste, but if you acquire it, this record is like gold. It perfectly compliments Tony Da Skitzo's style, which can predictably enough be labeled schizophrenic. Unlike other "psychotic rap" offerings, there's nothing disingenuous about Tony's insanity. His delivery wanders, changes pace, seems to change who he's addressing (the listener or himself?). My early favorite was "Molassis"; the beat is both smooth and oddly discomforting. "Man On" sets it off with a deep plodding bassline and ill guitar loop, and when Tony rhymes...

But still, the Skitzo flips ho's on a different tip
Though I like to sip hips with my lips
And trip the lights fantastic, plus I go through drastic measures
For the treasures of a ho's pleasures
Forever another plan of attack
To flip it up, rub it down, then give it a smack from the back
So that she'll remember
The schizophrenic MC's member don't doubt his sincerity at all. "Who U Talkin' 2" features a Richard Pryor vocal sample and a creaking, layered beat that only seems to fuel Tony's wandering style. Included are the three tracks mentioned, and instrumentals to "Who U Talkin' 2" and "Man On".

[UPDATE, 7/9, 10AM: Files fixed, re-upped]


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What about the Tony Da Skitzo cut, "Storm Brewin". That shit is hot! I got a couple of gems to throw at you. One is called "More and More" by Da Germ. Its on Shadow Records. Another is an EP, maybe the first put out by Fondle 'Em, Siah and Yeshua Dapo Ed. I'm sure you're familiar with the latter, but I'd be curious to know if you ever peeped the first.

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