Monday, August 10, 2009

Almighty & K.D. Ranks "Trenton Where We Live" 12" (1991)

An early-90's regional classic; if you were in Philly/Central Jersey in '91-'92 you had to have come across this joint. I wasn't, but benefited from the tapes a friend would bring back to suburban Chicago from trips back to his hometown of Philly. Keep in mind this was when Poor Righteous Teachers and Tony D had shit locked down, and you've got an obvious anthem that has been largely forgotten:

If you're impatient (and why shouldn't you be?), the mix to check is the Project Mix. The initial horn stabs may sound a bit '88, but the drum break and bassline are most definitely '91. The cut pairs up an MC (verses) with ragga chanting (chorus) effectively; it's simultaneously celebratory and go-for-mine aggressive:

It's time to pick up the tempo, start to let my rhymes flow
Show & prove, as we let the gods know
We stay strapped, and my posse is phat
Almighty & K.D Ranks -- we're puttin' Trenton right on the map

The b-side cut "Lyrics In A This" uses a similar format but can't compete with the love everyone clearly shows Trenton on the title cut. Bump this shit on your next drive through central jersey...includes "Trenton Where We Live" (original, Project mix & instrumental) and "Lyrics In A This" (original & instrumental).