Monday, March 19, 2007

Camp Lo - Coolie High (Paradise Remix ) 12 Inch

Hot remix promo only single of Camp Lo's debut track "Coolie High." This is the version that was on the radio and all of the mixtapes when Camp Lo first emerged yet it wasn't either of the versions that actually ended up on their album. The Michael Jackson sample that Ski flipped here is infectious though, hooked up with those hard ass drums and Camp Lo's smooth lyrical attack this track is a classic.

A1 "Coolie High Paradise Remix By Ski" (vocal)
A2 "Coolie High Paradise Remix By Ski" (instrumental)
A3 "Coolie High Paradise Remix By Ski" (accapella)
B1 "Killin Em Softly" (vocal)
B2 "Killin Em Softly" (instrumental)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Anonymous Twist "Royal Flush" (2006)

Finally got settled in New Jersey...all those Todd Solondtz movies paid off, I feel much more prepared to navigate the terrain out here ("Happiness" anyone?). I'm in the Princeton area, which costs waaaay too much cash to not be NYC. But enough about me.

This blog generally avoids newer records, partly because they're in plentiful supply, and partly because a grip of other blogs are doing the job (lovin' HHB these days). But this joint has exceptional, instant-classic status:

Flip immediately to the b-side, "Dollars in Fist"...dopest fucking accordian sample you've ever heard. To be fair, there aren't too many records shining in that category; but I can't think of a better way to announce yourself to the world, by flipping some brand-new-type-shit.

Of course, if this was just a tight beat, it'd be over on strictly beats, not here. This cut is thorough up and down, from the integrated chorus of chanting and vocal scratching to the lyricism of the verses. You could argue it's essentially a 2006 version of "Get Money", but it lacks all the celebratory bullshit so many of these 'gotta get mine' cuts have. There's also a few nods to classic records in the process:

too many souls of mischief tryin' to be the boss
if you don't keep mindin' your money, that's when ya lost
and when it's lost, it's only gained in disguise
'cause money doesn't die, it multiplies

The twelve also contains the beat and acapella, which are both worth listening to in isolation. The accapella, in particular, makes the complexities of Anonymous Twist's flow more apparent; kid's rhyme schemes are ill. The whole cut clocks under three minutes (two verses), but shit obviously makes an impression.

The A-side, "Royal Flush" is tight as well. Solid beat, well-executed concept, ill flow. Respect to DJ G for putting me on to this one, never sleep on Canada y'all. Includes both cuts mentioned, as well as the instrumentals and acapellas.