Sunday, October 16, 2011

[dancehall joints] DJ Excel - Dancehall/hip-hop bomb joints Volume 5

File this under 'dj tools' -- specifically, the dancehall accapella/90's hip-hop production pairing that blew up mid-90's.  This selection put together by DJ Excel is firmly rooted in that era, and includes a couple of Lady Lee accapellas with slightly reworked versions of the instrumentals for "Mad Izm," "The Bridge Is Over," and "Danger":

The standout track here is probably Lady Lee's "Situation," featuring a slightly bouncier version of the "Mad Izm" instrumental. DJ Excel wisely includes this instrumental on the flip-side, as the re-worked percussion leads to a nice alternate version of the classic instrumental.

In addition to the three dancehall tracks, there's a Crooklyn Clan-style mashup fueled primarily by the break popularized by "Eric B Is President" and a Black Sheep vocal sample.


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Wow!I like hip-hop!Thank u!I heard some similar samples like in these tracks! -

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