Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Primeridian "On Tha Spot" (1997)

At the University of Illinois in the mid-90's, Chicago's Primeridian were one of the local groups of choice. I thought this early release was dope; group member Simeon had a reputation among battle rappers, so they could talk shit, but there were more abstract joints like "Musical Mirages" as well. Simply put, tight mid-90's indie record, with surprising range as well. Some heads in the crew have always felt that this record was too soft (i.e. "get that 'dreams of poetical collages'-shit outta here"), but whatever...

My joint on this twelve has usually been "Musical Mirages", for the more abstract vibe. This cut in particular has been featured on a number of comps, so if any Primeridian track can be considered well-traveled, it's probably this one. "On tha Spot" rocks a nice KRS sample, tight beat and solid battle rap. "Invisibly Invincible" is a more forceful battle cut (although the title hints at the pretention some cats would dislike them for). "Primates" is a bit more difficult to defend, and since I've grown so used to defending this record to some heads that disliked Primeridian personally, I usually don't even bother. Listening to it now, I'm appreciating the beat a lot more, a sunny soul sample.

Primeridian's MC's (Tree and Simeon) typically trade rhymes, and the back-and-forth is usually effective. Definately recommended, as they manage to produce a unique sound while sounding oddly familiar. Includes "On Tha Spot" (vocal and instrumental), "Musical Mirages", "Invisibly Invincible", and "Primates" (vocal and instrumental).


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