Sunday, December 17, 2006

Apathy "Every Emcee" (2000)

Apathy is arguably one of the dopest MC's out there at the moment..."Ain't Nuthin' Nice" was my intro to him, and the b-side "Every Emcee" is still one of my favorite Apathy tracks (although the recent "Bobby Brown" with D-Tension is brilliant):

"Every Emcee" is close to a perfect track, as far as I'm concerned. It opens promisingly with a rising horn, then drops the kick and snare while the horn holds the top note. Apathy comes in with the beat and kills it effortlessly:

You can't swallow this, I'll never be eaten,
defeated or beaten - as long as I'm breathin', I'm never retreatin'

The chorus samples Black Thought, and Apathy appropriately rhymes along: "I'm every Emcee/It's all of me/That's the way it is/Way it gotta be". The horns come back blaring during the chorus, and the track really shines. Rise follows Apathy with a nice verse; their styles complement each other well. Thankfully, though, the beat has a nice long outro, with extended instrumentation; strong head-nod material. Includes "Ain't Nuthin' Nice" (Street, Radio, Instrumental) and "Every Emcee" (Street, Radio, Instrumental).


Blogger Antonio said...

Who produced the song?

Props for all the good downloads

2:32 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...


celph titled did the beats:

9:51 PM  

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