Monday, October 30, 2006

KRS-1, Channel Live & Mad Lion "Happy Verse Day" (1997)

Yet another late-90's KRS indie joint, this one made the rounds on a number of mixtapes. This cut showcased the later incarnation of the BDP family (Channel Live, Mad Lion), and while it's not as strong as say, "Free Mumia", it's a solid battle cut from the assembled crew:

KRS-1, Channel Live & Mad Lion "Happy Verse Day" 12"

The cut maintains its intensity throughout; it's pretty much a free-for-all, with Channel Live kicking it off, and Mad Lion's appearances functioning more like bookends to the more accomplished MC's rhymes. I've always felt like the beat held the song back a little; it's definately solid, but fairly repetitive and doesn't bang like a lot of other KRS records at the time.

This 12" release features a Trackmasterz Mix, which is essentially code for "the acapella over a *really* familiar sample you've heard 100 times already". I'm probably giving this a much more negative review than it deserves; it's much tighter than, say, Gunplay, and ultimately essential if it's not already a part of your KRS collection.

Includes Vocal (dirty and clean), Instrumental, and Trackmasterz mix.


Blogger Shen said...

please whats the password? it seems to be a dirty colabo!

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Blogger ChainedMagnetic said...

Hey thank you for this so much. I had this song on tape that I recorded from the Wake Up Show years ago. I've been looking for it, didn't even know the name. You're the only guy I know that has this, thanks for uppin it.

5:17 PM  
Blogger apani said...

Thanks for this!

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