Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trip-hop Joints: Morcheeba "Never an Easy Way"

I discovered Morcheeba a little late (right after the release of their second album), but I couldn't get enough of their early material. As far as trip-hop classics go, I figure you can stick with Massive Attack, Portishead, and Morcheeba; but hell, I'm not British, so ultimately I'm unqualified to annoint 'em (no, I didn't "forget" Tricky). Personally, I find Morcheeba's material past the second album practically unlistenable, so here's a nice dark twelve from their first record, "Who Can You Trust?":

Morcheeba twelves always had extra beats and remixes on 'em, which made them worth tracking down and paying the import prices for. On "Never an Easy Way", the extra beat is "Baby Sitar" (Drummer of Your Dream Mix), which rocks - guess - a dope sitar (sample?). Tight track, very listenable at 3 minutes long.

There are several versions of "Never an Easy Way", neither of which are big departures from the album version; essentially, it's an extended version ("Long Mix") and an abbreviated one ("Apocalypso Mix"). Oh, and there's an instrumental version ("Diabolical Beats"). Fresh for '96...


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