Friday, October 20, 2006

Dr. Becket "Bad Mutha F#%!a" (2000)

This Dr. Becket record is another one that hss just about everything going for it. First of all, there's the academic-sounding name ("Dr. Becket") paired with the song title ("Bad Mutha F*cka"); I find the contrast ill. On the flipside, it features a guest spot by a dope underground MC (in this case, El Da Sensei).

"Bad Mutha F#cka" remains the standout cut, though, featuring a short Lord Finesse vocal sample ("I'm a bad mutha fucka") that anchors Dr. Becket's shit-talking. The beat is dope/solid; it's consistent with Becket's own swagger, as the sample moves up and then back down an octave. Becket is f*ckin' dope, with both lyrics and delivery:

Recite/to make loot/since the days of flight suits
My mic shoots/these wack MC's down/like state troops
over breaks, loops, bass, flutes/fuck it, over sticks
I throw scripts like bricks/split wigs/chill with chicks with big tits

The delivery is flawless, and by the time the chorus kicks in with Lord Finesse proclaiming "I'm a bad mutha fucka", Becket has definately established himself as just that. The second verse is delivered by RM, who isn't quite as overwhelming as Becket; Becket just kills this cut.

The b-side "Creativity" is more laid-back, featuring El Da Sensei and K-Skills. Again, I think Becket is the dominant MC here, but just not feeling the beat as much (although there's something DJ Spinna-ish about it).

Includes instrumentals and acapellas for both cuts. Anyone know what happened to Dr. Becket?


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