Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Diamond D "Sally Got a One-Track Mind (Promo)" (1993)

Back to the era when Diamond was relatively unknown; a lot of kids thought they were the only ones who had figured out that "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-hop" was incredible f*ckin' dope. Diamond 12" typically had extra goodies on 'em, but the "Sally Got a One-track Mind" promo stands out with a number of gems:

The original version with instrumental appears here (as it does on the regular 12"), it's the Showbiz remix that makes this unique. I don't think Diamond's original can be improved (that bassline is classic); Showbiz's beat creates a completely different vibe. Think lots of horns. The instrumental also appears on the flipside.

There's also a remix of "Best Kept Secret" (produced by Diamond, mixed by Diamond and the 45 King - whatever that implies). Again, don't know if it improves on the original, but it does give a different take on it. It's ultimately sparser, with a more traditional, straightforward drum loop. Yeah, and the flute is gone, and there are more horns. If you're constantly asking yourself what happened to all the horns in production, maybe they're here.

Rounding up the cuts on the this twelve is the "Sally Got a..." 2-track beat-down, essentially Showbiz's beat without all the horns. Includes all the cuts mentioned: "Sally" (edited LP mix) & instrumental, "Sally" (Showbiz remix) & instrumental, "Sally" (2 track beat-down), and "Best Kept Secret" (remix).


Blogger Alex Couvesier said...

What was the sample that Diamond D used for this track? I've heard the original before, and I love those flutes- could you tell me what song that was?


3:14 AM  
Blogger Nic said...

Sparkling in the Sand (LP Version)
Tower of Power


10:41 AM  

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