Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nice & Smooth "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" (1991)

I don't know about you, but this song never gets old to me. I know there's some dispute over "best all-time Nice & Smooth cut" ("Hip-hop Junkies" being a reasonable nomination); it may be too obvious, but this is my definitive pick. This twelve (B-side pictured) also includes "Hip-hop Junkies" and its remix, so I can't see another Nice & Smooth 12" getting over on it:

Besides the album version of "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow", you get the "Original" mix, where the only variation is the drum loop. I find that the Original lacks the head-nodding thoroughness of the LP version, though. For all those acapella hunters, there's an acapella here...although you still have to deal with the "Fast Car" guitar loop underneath it. Add your own break/program your own drums.

The "Stay Faithful" remix slows it down, loses the Tracey Chapman sample, and drops it heavy. The only instrumental for "Sometimes I Rhyme" slow that appears on the twelve is this remix's version. Also includes the original version of "Hip-hop Junkies", and the Spanish Fly Remix.


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