Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr. Complex "I'm Rhymin'" (1995)

My intro to Mr. Complex was "Visualize/Why Don't Cha" on Rawshack in '97; I was lucky enough to run into this earlier record (and Mr. Complex's debut, I believe) soon after. One curious thing about the label which I've never deciphered is the fact that Pharoah Monche's name appears in parenthesis below the title cut, as Pharoah does not appear anywhere on the cut.

Mr. Complex "I'm Rhymin'" 12"

There's three tracks on here: "I'm Rhymin'", "Against the Grain", and "Feel Me". I personally prefer the production on Mr. Complex's follow-up twelve on Rawshack; strictly from an instrumental-point-of-view, "Feel Me" is my joint here. "I'm Rhymin'" and "Against the Grain" rock classic drum breaks that definately snap; the other samples don't quite work to me (although the piano on "I'm Rhymin" is a good touch).

Lyrically, though, Complex is in a category of his own, as he explains in "Against the Grain":

...this song right here is about nothin'...
...but it's the way that i say nothin' that makes it somethin'...

Definately worth a listen; if you're into creative wordplay with delivery that still respects timing, you might really dig Complex. Includes the instrumental and acapella for "I'm Rhymin"; and instrumentals for the other two cuts.


Blogger shadout said...

pharaohe monch produced something on this 12" that's why is name is on here, if you check out the complex catalog, in a interlude mr complex says that monch produced some of his earlier stuff

6:08 AM  
Blogger djespionage said...

thx for the info...i know that pharoah appeared on "why don't cha", but didn't realize he did the beat here, although it makes sense now that you pointed it out

12:49 AM  

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