Friday, July 28, 2006

Lonnie B "Come Git It" (1997)

After the success of Mad Skillz' "From Where..?", and in the middle of the influx of indie records, his crew emerged to drop a number of singles. Danja Mowf, both a producer and MC, was the driving force behind the SupaFriendz, a crew notable for consisting of Mad Skillz, Danja Mowf, and Lonnie B. Lonnie B's "Come Git It" was one of '97 strongest battle cuts, and crazy underrated:

The beat here is an extremely simple guitar loop pounded by a basic kick, snare and hi-hat. The simplicity of the production is appropriate, however, as it's just there to support Lonnie B's verses, which are straight-f*cking-ill.

Your crew got you gassed, so you try to start dissin'
but that shit that you kickin' don't scare me not a smidgen
this dj - producer - rhymesayer
lets you talk shit on credit,
but you gonna pay for it later
your pitty-pat tracks and weak raps
fall shorter than a midget's knee caps
but when we rap, we rock
like Bubba Chuck rock Reebok
you make me hornier than them old tracks by Pete Rock

The track is just fierce; Lonnie B rips it like he's had lyrics for years and he's been waiting for this track. They pull a "Tyme 4 Sum Aksion" move and Lonnie comes back and starts to attack the mic during the outtro, before being told "you ain't gotta say no more, it's over." Classic mid/late 90's battle rap.

I've heard Lonnie B on some random cuts since then, most recently on some Southern hip-hop joint where he was rapping double-time. Muthaf*cka never got his props. Includes "Come Git It" with instrumental, "Make It Hot" with Danja Mowf, and "Unseen World Pt. II" with Mad Skillz.


Blogger Lonnie B said...

Thanks For The Love Fam, My Homie Just Came Across this post and after reading it, it makes me feel like my attempt at a rap career wasn't in vein. Stay Up My Dude.

11:13 PM  

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