Saturday, July 29, 2006

Black Sheep "Strobelight Honey" (1992)

Black Sheep have always been the sure shot, and this twelve is one of their most essential. As many bangers as there are on "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", the additional gems on this record are unforgettable.

The "Maybe We Did" remix of "Strobelight Honey" is the immortal dancehall classic; you can never go wrong with this uptempo banger. The remix of "Gimme tha Finga" that appears on the b-side doesn't deviate wildly from the original, but basically perfects the vibe of the original; the drums snap while Dres obnoxiously begs for you to tell him to f*ck off. Quite simply a pillar of any early-90's party-rocking hip-hop collection. Includes all three mixes of "Strobelight Honey" (the essential "Maybe We Did" mix, as well as "No We Didn't" and "Yes We Did"), as well as the "Gimme tha Finga" remix.


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