Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kool G Rap & Nas "Fast Life - Norfside Mix" (1996)

Kool G Rap will always be a legend ("Killer Kuts" is his essential compilation); the swagger he affected on "Ill Street Blues" is definitive. As much as I love G Rap, his 1995 LP "4,5,6" felt like a weak effort. The first single "It's a Shame" was solid at best, and when the LP dropped, it turned out to be one of the better cuts. "Fast Life" featured Nas, which is a dope combination on paper, but turned out not so much on wax. So this promo remix released by Epic was good news:

This sounds like some Vinyl Reanimators-style production, and I always assumed it was their work, although now that I've re-examined the label, I can't confirm it. Regardless, this beat is worthy of the G Rap and Nas collabo, and is as good if not better than anything on "4,5,6".

I picked up the habit of mixing Bahamadia's "3 Tha Hard Way" into this cut, which I think is a testament to its pace and production. Hell, anything that can stand with Premier's production from the era and not get completely dwarfed by it is solid. Includes instrumental.

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Blogger Robbie said...

Salaam Remi did that remix. VR's did a nice remix on one of their white label EPs.

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