Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shamus "Tight Team" (1997)

NYC-based Shamus' "Tight Team" was one of those random 12" that ended up being one of my favorite indie records of '97, and based on some postings I've seen around, there are a number of people that were feeling this:

Shamus "Tight Team" (with instrumental)

Production was handled by Buckwild, back when he was one of the top producers in NYC. Don't know what it was specifically about this track, but for some reason it reminded me of "Shook Ones Pt. II". Maybe the sparse, biting snare and persistent hi hats, combined with the dark sample. Lyrically, Shamus (and Flu) are tight; the flow and voice are solid, and work well with Buckwild's beat.

We come together like the pieces of a puzzle, to paint the illest picture
It's sort of like the prophets that unite the holy scripture
Your game's sicker, you need blunts for painkillers
For rilla - I'm Ghost like the Face Killer

Includes the instrumental.


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i like the buckwild one

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