Sunday, June 11, 2006

C.E.B. "Get the Point" (1992)

In the early 90's, my man used to come back with mixtapes from Philly radio; Philly hip-hop developed a mythic quality in my mind thanks in no small part to those tapes. One summer, he came back with a tape that featured C.E.B.'s "Get the Point". For those that don't know (I didn't), C.E.B. was the Philly supergroup consisting of Cool C, Ultimate Eaze, and Steady B; the album "Countin' Endless Bank" followed the single, in '93.

The LP is solid, but the key here is "Get the Point." If I had to put one record in a time capsule that was labeled "1992 hip hop", this would be it. The production exemplifies the early 90's: a classic break, lovely soul and funk samples, a "jump! jump!" breakdown. The lyrics are...well, damn, it's Cool C, Steady B and Eaze. They rhyme well together throughout the album, but they OWN this track. If this was the centerpiece to every party, life would be f*ckin' good.


Blogger Prince said...

this song is so classic 90's hip hop!!! one of the signature sounds!! I have a picture of myself in the studio with C.E.B. doing an interview at the height of this single. I wish the hip hop of the common era had some classic gems. I pose a question that will start a forum...who will be the classic artists of 2000-2010?

1:40 PM  
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