Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tired & Broke is Back!..........Imagine That!

Talk about aloooooong time coming, its been 4ever since I've made a post on any type of blog. Well I'm back to help My man Espionage carry the load on 12-Inchers. 4 U 2day I have a Japanese release only from the Canadian MC, Muneshine from the Wax Reform crew (Supastition, ILLmind, M-Phazes, etc) This paticular piece of Wax contains the best cut from Muneshine's album "Oppurtunity Knocks", entitled "Imagine That."

Now this banger is produced by the Chocolate Boy Wonder himself, Pete Rock and this is one of the most refreshing beats I've heard in a loooooong time (hell I know this joint been out for years, but late is better than never right?) Well anyway as if the Pete Rock version wasn't enuff, the flipside contains a funky ass ILLmind remix featuring Surreal. Also includes instrumentals for both, enjoy this shit, I know it was worth the wait from Japan for me, I hope ya'll feel the same... later.....

Muneshine - Imagine That 12"


Blogger djespionage said...

*quality* joint...good looks and welcome back!

6:44 PM  
Blogger -Emma- said...

yea proper quality

2:43 AM  

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