Friday, February 22, 2008

Ta'Raach "Yeah" (2006)

Most heads probably already have an opinion on Ta'Raach at this point, seeing that he's dropped two albums in the last three years. I'll also admit that I haven't heard most of his material, so I don't have an opinion one way or the other on how thorough his discog is to date.

That being said, when my man DJ June put together a crate of hip-hop from '04-'06 that I'd apparently been sleeping on, this joint bubbled up to the top quickly:

"Yeah" is one of those joints where you can't point to one aspect that makes it a banger - it's the cumulative effect that's just RAW. On the surface, Ta'Raach's flow is slightly disjointed, stream-of-conscious - but possesses a confidence that makes it come off as more raw than Kool-Keith-style incoherent:

I'm like whatever - I'm a do me dog, just be ya
N*ggas hearts still fell apart, like cheap Filas

Ta'Raach's delivery is that 'fuck all y'all'/slappin-suckas-silly vibe, which only contributes to the disjointed nature of the lyrics and flow. Then there's the beat itself, which perfectly matches his delivery. It's mostly a simple loop, but the consistency of it (and its affirmative nature - "I feel it") serves as the perfect foundation for the aggressive/abstract stab of the flow. A few xylophone notes drop occasionally to complement the cyclical piano loop...shit is just ill.

B-side "Heaven" is dope as well, and even darker, fueled by a muted bassline and slightly more focused flow, although his delivery retains the same instinct to pause after spitting a few bars he exhibits in "Yeah". If these tracks weren't produced as well, shit might not come off like it does, but the cumulative effect is one of the better indie 12's I've heard in a while.

Includes "Yeah" (street/radio/inst), as well as b-side "Heaven" (street/radio/inst).


Blogger DJ Phillie said...

yo man, glad to hear that things are looking positive for you...and extra glad you are continuing the blog. i love your detailed write-ups of the 12"s you post. always interesting to read while downloading.

thanks a million man...

9:24 AM  
Blogger unlaced. said...

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3:10 PM  
Blogger unlaced. said...

i agree with above man.... great write ups & great tunes, always schooling. respect

3:12 PM  
Blogger Harmonix said...

Let me say that Ta'raach's discography only goes downhill from here. When I first heard this 12", I had high hopes for him to fill the void that was left after the passing of the late, great J. Dilla. This was only appropriate, especially since he was mentored by Dilla at some point. But, every release following this one has been eccentric /esoteric as hell with weird ass samples, REALLY off-beat drums and just the same ole braggadocio heard on every other one of his tracks.

I really had high hopes for his upcoming release with Blu, but, I heard the mixtape and it looks to be the same run of the mill crap.

It's a shame. This man had potential.

Great post, though.


5:47 AM  
Blogger Zwie said...

Harmonix you obviously have not heard all of ta'raachs music. True his album with blu, Crac knuckles, was dissapoiting, but his previous music??? FIRE

Check out

The Fevers
The Breakfast Club
RE:Lacks vol. 1 With The World

If you still dont like him, then he's just not your type of rapper/producer

9:43 AM  
Blogger Harmonix said...

Zwie, I actually have heard all of that stuff. Re:Lacks actually preceded this release, as did the Breakfast Club. The Fevers was "aight". It did have like 3 bangers. I LOVED the Elovee EP. Stuff like the Raach City Riot 10" and Crac Knuckles are really where he started to turn me off. He can spit though. His rhyme schemes are very intricate. Unfortunately, they will go over the head of many.

1:20 PM  

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