Monday, October 23, 2006

Finsta & Bundy "Sunnyside" (1993)

Finsta & Bundy were one time affiliates of Black Moon, and it shows on this particular 12". This was their first single released on Big Willie Records, a company out of London, which eventually became Tape Kingz.

Finsta & Bundy "Sunnyside" 12"

Finsta's production is very reminiscent of Da Beatminerz. The Black Moon influence is also very apparent in both of their flows. I can't help but think of Buckshot or Smif-N-Wessun when I listen to the both of them.

Finsta & Bundy never officially put out an album, but throughout the years, they have released a number of 12". For those interested, Finsta is set to release his solo album titled "AFC3 (A Finsta Creation)" in the very near furture.

* Sorry for the lack of an actual picture.


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This is really DOPE!

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Blogger RealisT said...

Do you have anything else like this???

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