Wednesday, September 13, 2006

K.G.B. “Bless ya Life” (1995)

Coming from Brooklyn and Coney Island, K.G.B. (which stands for Klik Ga Bow) consists of Asiatic (aka Adriatic), DJ Kin (aka Kinny Kin), Ill Knob (aka Knowledge), and Raheem (aka Red), who later replaced Asiatic after the release of this single. Although the group had released some other nice 12”s during the 90’s, there’s no doubt (in my opinion) that this was their best effort.

K.G.B. “Bless ya Life”

Released under Mascot Records and produced entirely by the 4th Disciple, this 12” features two versions. The “Original” mix (B-Side) has a grimy horn that adds an obscure feel to the mix. The rhymes flow nicely over the beat, each MC delivers their own thoughts/histories about death and peeps who got murdered.

Even though this version is dope, the “Grim” mix (A-Side) adds a whole different feel to it. Sampled from Al Green’s “Strong as Death (Sweet as Love)”, the guitar (in addition to the rest of the instrumentation) induces a rawer mood that allows the listener a different approach to the perspective inherent in the lyrics.

If I had to decide which version was my favorite, the “Grim Mix” would be my choice; however, the “O.G. Mix” is dope and it shouldn’t be ignored.


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Could you reup this KGB Bless Ya life ..I had this EP back in the days but it got stolen..I'd love to listen to it again but link is dead

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