Monday, September 25, 2006

Dark Skinned Assassin “Lock Shit Down” (1995)

Like many others, D.S.A. was part of the whole “Wu-Related” phenomenon that gave birth to a fair amount of records around the mid-nineties. Unlike other major singles produced by RNS, this 12” didn’t get as much attention as it deserved.

Lock Shit Down*”, featured on the A-side, has an Isaac Hayes sample that flows smoothly over the drums. The chorus consists of blazing horns and a Raekwon vocal sample from “7th Chamber” (if I’m not wrong). The lyrics are told in a way that makes you wanna hear them from beginning to end. “The Horror,” which is also on the A-Side, has a darker beat that goes along D.S.A.’s storytelling.

Gotta get the Crème*” (B-side) manages to develop a fine balance between D.S.A.’s raw voice and the rhythm that the horns and vocals create. The beat is by far the best of this 12”, but if someone disagrees with that, the comments section is always open to discussion.

After this record, you may want to check out his E.P. titled “
Down Low Wreckege” released in 96’ that has the 3 cuts above plus "Smoke in ya Face” , “Untitled Raw Shit” and “Life of Shorty all featuring Method Man & Raekwon. He also released another 12" called “Unholy” (2000) and did some collabos with GP-Wu (“GP Connection” & “Blow up”).

*Instrumentals Included


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No queation this is a really dope Vinyl....i am lookin for the Ep before this Release????

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